Are you ready to make your dreams a reality by switching your energy & and connecting to your inner guidence?

find the voice of your intuition and learn how to use her to co-create a life and a heartcentred business from the inside out

Are craving more clarity, inner peace, confidence, abundance and streaming moneyflow in your life and if so.. your business?
And you are tired of living the same year over and over again while you KNOW you are ment for something so much bigger and need a change? 

But you have NO idea how to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be? And you find yourself feeling frustrated and drained because you just can’t find the clarity on how to move forward towards the life you so desire?

Its time to put you first. It's time for you to get confident, clear, calm, abundant and successfull
Its time to get you moving in the direction towards your highest dreams, in a way that feels grounded, calm, safe, yet empowering. 
its time to choose for you, dial your worthyness, your alignment and the reflection on your bankaccount. 
Its time to release yourself from the old patterns that are holding you back from living your true purpose.
Its time for you to get focused and clear on WHY and WHAT you are here to bring into the world and walk with directions towards your dreams. 

You can take a breath now… I am here to help you do just that.


This is for you if you are looking to

  • Raise your vibration and get into alignment with your soul

  • Increase your awareness and consciousness on how you think, act and behave

  • Create a heartcentred business from the inside out

  • Level up your confidence, your alignment to your soul and the reflection on your bankaccount ;)

  • Heal and rewrite your moneystory

  • Become magnetic to abundance

  • Connect deeper to your intuition and the guidence of your soul

  • learn to love yourself unconditionally

  • Create new habits and thought patterns that secure long lasting change in your life

  • Create a new future full of abundance, prosperity, fullfillment, joy and happiness

  • Step into your true authentic power

  • Use your feminine energy to connect to your creativity


1:1 Soul & business reading sessions


I want nothing more for you than that you get back in flow with the universe, unstuck, get in touch with the callings of your soul and get open and receptive to receiving many miracles into your life!
I want you to flow through life feeling fresh, uplifted, and focused and clear on where you want to go and where you want to be.
I want you to feel excitement and trust running through your veins so that you will feel confident as hell to to take inspired action towards your dreams.

During our time together I will help you to release any old patterns and blocks that keep you from stepping into your full potential and living the life you so desire.
Using my intuition and energytools I tune into whatever is present at the moment. Every session is different and unique. Together we clear out all the ‘noise’, old fears, blocks and anything else that no longer serves you on the path of living your true purpose.

After working with me you will feel confident, connected, calm and clear. Trusting in yourself and the higher realms while taking action in the co-creation of your life & business



I work with my clients for single sessions or to 3 to 6 months at a time. First jump on a no strings attached 20 min discovery chat together, all free.. my gift to you to see if working together is a good match!

From there on I will build out a customed 3 to 6 months journey or.. single sessions that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

If you are intereseted in 1:1 soul or business readings with me, then I would so like to invite you to hop on a call with me, I can’t wait to meet you!


wHat's in it for you? 

  • 3 to 6 months deepdiving soul connecting journey to co-create the life & business you desire

  • Learn how to create a daily practical and non-negotional spiritual practise that will help you connect to your light

  • Learn how to shift your energy and raise your vibration

  • Heal and rewrite your moneystory

  • Learn how to transform the nudges of your soul into inspired action

  • Find a deep trust into the connection to your intuition

  • :eave every session with clarity, confidence and trust within yourself

  • Burst through your old fears and tap into your truth

  • Ongoing support and guidence through email



Vere…. een voorbeeld van een jonge, hardwerkende vrouw met de levenservaring van een oude levenswijze ziel. Met haar fijngevoeligheid weet zij mij telkens op precies de juiste plek in mijn levensproces te raken. Daar waar energie in mij vastzit, weet Vere dankzij haar levensverhalen- die enorm inspireren - haar kristalheldere en sterke hartsenergie, de warmte en wijsheid te brengen die mij weer verder op pad brengen. Het is haar authentieke energie, haar verhaal, wat mij zo enorm inspireert. Haar aanwezigheid is en brengt healing. Ze heeft een natuurlijk talent voor invoelen en daarna precies de juiste inzichten te geven. Het is een krachtige vrouw die in het drama de lichtheid brengt. Ik bewonder haar kracht en het lef waarmee zij manifesteert en volledig vertrouwd op haar intuïtieve kracht.
— Ilona W.
Ik heb ontdekt dat mensen of situaties op je pad komen voor een reden. Zo ook Vere. Toen ik Vere voor het eerst sprak voelde ik zoveel warmte, rust, betrokkenheid en oprechtheid in haar stem. Ik vond tevens een gelijkgestemde en inspiratiebron. Ze helpt mij bij mijzelf te blijven, te vertragen, en de ruimte te nemen voor mijzelf. Ze spiegelt mij daar waar nodig zodat ik de groei kan waarmaken die ik graag wil.
— Doreen k.