“De intensive met Vere heb ik als magisch ervaren! Ik heb mooie inzichten opgedaan over mijn gift en woorden aan mijn gevoel kunnen geven. Ik erg gegroeid op het gebied van mijn money mindset. Ik heb ook haar ebook aangeschaft, aanrader! Ik zou iedereen een intensive met Vere gunnen! ”
— Annemiek @annemiektenhoven - Coaching Counseling Utrecht

What if you could feel EASY and PLAYFULL and CREATIVE around money?

I get you, you followed your heart… your calling… your intuition and it led you to a beautiful path of self-discovery and perhaps starting your own.. Business! You have an amazing gift to offer to the world, you know it. What you give is magnificent. Yet. You feel a struggle in charging your clients, charging how much your services are worth, and receiving money for the beautiful gifts that you are offering to your audience.
You aren’t yet receiving what’s in line with the value and the energy that you give to your community – this results in you feeling tired… drained. And maybe even feeling like giving up on your business because you can’t make enough money in order for you to feel safe, grounded and able to give the best of your beautiful heart that you know lies underneath.  


It’s time to shift your energy baby. Its time to drop into your self-worth. I mean RADICALLY tap into your selfworth

Have a deep check in look in the mirror together … seeing where you still hold old limiting stories and energetic blocks around feeling worthy and receptive regarding to money. Its time to heal your beautiful heart and energy field baby.

Its time to let go of life times of lineage past that restrain your voice and make you feel (probably subconsiously) that you are not worthy of being abundant.

Its time to redefine what ‘hard work’ means for you. Its time to redefine what ‘success’ means for you.

And rather…

Create this on your OWN terms.

Create a life of beautiful abundance, grounding and safe energy on your terms.

Its time to finally let go… of allll… that you no longer need… al stiff maybe anxious feelings when you have a look at your bankaccount. Its time to drop into the confidence and trust that you’ve got in in you to create a life on your own terms – which included having a healthy thriving relationship with money so that YOU can thrive and GIVE the world your GREATEST GIFT – the presence of being you.  

I got you sister… we are in this together.

Money- Energetics… is going to be your shifting frequency! Opening up a whole new world of possibilities. Are you with me?

This program is for; coaches, healers, massage therapists, creativeS, musicians, artists, yoga teachers, creative entrepreneurs, and every women identifier who wants to cultivate a thriving yummy relationship with money.


We attune to….

  • Drawing on the essence of what it means for YOU to be in a right relationship with money

  • Rediscovering your own definition of success

  • Self-worth regarding to the gifts you offer in this world

  • Ancestral line healing

  • Deep healing & self acceptance work

  • Learning to receive, circulate, and generate money in fresh ways

  • Shifting mindset-beliefs around abundance

  • Increasing your ability to draw abundance to you

  • Learn how to become receptive to abundance


All so that you will shift your energy field and beliefs systems around money and abundance so that you can call it exactly what you’ve been desiring and will feel more light, easy and playful around in your business and your money management


Money energetics includes;

  • 6 PRIVATE 75 min deep diving sessions with Vere (OVER A PERIOD OF 3 MONTHS)

  • guided meditations & affirmations where needed

  • ongoing support through email/whatsapp in between sessions

- Payment plan available -


This program is for you if…

  • You want to switch your energy from feeling stiff, and stuck towards feeling more playful, light, warm and creative around money

  • You are ready to take ownership of your old limiting stories and change your perspective + feelings around abundance

  • You are up and ready to find deep healing within towards your self-worth

  • You’ve read many books, followed tons of master classes around becoming more magnetic to money but YET… its still not flowing the way you’d desire and you still feel a limp in your throat when looking at your finances

  • You can honestly say to yourself that you’re tired of feeling icky when looking at your bank account and feel determined to create change in your life

  • You are committed and capable of scheduling ‘you-time’ in order for this process to be embodied in your DNA


This program is NOT for you if…

  • You are seeking a step by step plan on how to draw in more cash in your business

  • You are not willing to dive deep within your old stories, pain and limiting beliefs around your self-worth

  • You can’t commit and schedule the time to consciously integrate these practises in your life

  • You aren’t willing to go beyond what feels comfortable for you

  • You are not willing to discover what your capable off because your afraid what people might think of you

De coaching die ik laatst van Vere heb ontvangen was een... mega doorbraak!! Wat gaat ze diep tot de kern. Ze voelt zo goed aan wat je nodig hebt en geeft je tips en handvaten om weer verder te kunnen in je proces - ik ben haar mega dankbaar
— Kristi @whoisthatspiritjunkie - Lifecoach & speaker