So Vere, what are essential oils?

Okay.. Imagine, having a big fresh orange in your hand.. and slicing it open! An exotic, fresh, juicy aroma comes free bursting from the skin! Can you imagine? If you’ve ever done this. Than you’ve experienced an essential oil.

Essential Oils are the natural aromatic compounds found in plants. For me they are the superheroes of the plant world. They are small molecules designed to keep the plant healthy, strong and helping it heal from things like infection, and physcial injury.

We get all these magical molecules in a BOTTLE. This is the essential oil. Ready to help support your body. Just as it does with the plants.

The oils are 50 - 70 % stronger than the dried plant itself. Just for your insight, 1 drop of peppermint oils e.q = 28 drops of peppermint tea ;) quite al lot right!

So what can you use them for?

Personally I use my essential oils everywhere through my day. I use them to support my physical wellbeing, like adding a drop op Lemon oil to my water to help me cleans my body of toxins, rubbing some Frankinscence underneath my feet to support my immune system and not to forget.. I love them for emotional wellbeing. Whenever I feel a little bit wobbly or restless I just grab my diffuser and get it going with some beautiful calming oils like lavender and frankinscence! Trust me… you will sleep like a princess later that evening!

I replaced the majority of my medicine cabinet and personal care products for these oils. Since they support me so much in living a non-tox lifestyle and give me the best mamma earth has to offer!

A little glimps into the oils that I use pretty much daily!

Lemon - gets my metabolism going, helps me cleanse my body & home of toxins, lifts up my mood

Peppermint - Relieves a bloated stomach, improves digestion, relieves headaches

Lavender - gets me sleepy, balances my hormones, calming for the skin

Frankinscence - boosts my immune system, rejuvenating for skin + sense of calm

Melaleuca - Skin inflammitation, fights and calms blemishes on my face

Vetiver - Helps me to stay grounded, gets me to sleep, + sense of calm

Grapefruit - boots metabolism + reduces cellulite + gives energy



My first experience with the oils… was just… magic.

These oils speak to me, they speak through me, they speak to me to share them with you, they speak to me with softness, with flow, effortlessness, full of love.

They speak to me with the feeling of I GOT YOU. She asks me to take her to you. To my tribe. She asks me to share them with you, there where she belongs. In your kitchen cabinet, on your nighttime shelve, on your bathroom counter, in your purse. That's where she belongs.

She, these oils. she knows her power. She knows how she can support you. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually.

She is asking me to take here to where she belongs. In your hands. Inhaling her deeply. Noticing her power, her potential, her support, her guidence, her love for you. 

These beauties popped into my life by one of my dearest friends Caroline. She kept on giving me oils that could support me in my sleep, balance out my hormones, digestive issues and stresslevels. Little did i know back then how much these oils would change my life. 

They are now the staple of my self-care routine... a drop of lemon oil in my water before brekkie, Wild orange and peppermint in my diffuser when I start working, DigestZen when my tummy is upset, Serenity to fall a sleep, Balance to stay grounded, Frankinscense to sky rock my medi's! '

I quickly fell into a deep love relationship with my oils. Within a few days I noticed that my skin cleared up by using lavender on my face, my tummy issues where no longer an issue, I slept like a baby, I felt emotionally supported, and even when I thought I had tried everything to get my normal moon-cycle back.. my hormones started to balance and my cycle returned.

Before I noticed I started sharing them with my family and friends. So the sharing had begun... 

It was in this moment that I decided to partner up with DoTERRA and share these beautiful Oils with you. My tribe.


So.. how can you get these oils into your life?

The smartest and best way to get these beauties into your life is through a wholesale account so you can ensure you are always (!) getting them at the lowest price available (-25% off retail price). I usually recommend to get a wholesale account since it gives you acces to a huge discount and there are no strings attached or so.

With this you also have acces to me as your oil support every step of the way. Alongside with the amazing tribe of essential oil loves that i’m also part off!

Signing up for you account with an Enrollment kit is the best way to join. And the option i usually recommend! When ordering an enrollment kit when you create your wholesale account, you get an even bigger discount than you would if you bought the oils & a diffuser ‘a la carte’ – and you also get waive goodbye to the €25 enrollment fee!

What if i’m not sure what oils to get into my home?

Are you looking for some support in specific health goals? and some personal support? I’m here to help you.

Drop me a message through the link below and we can connect via email or schedule a call through phone or zoom.

I also love doing groupworkshops if you wanna gather with your friends and learn more about Essential Oils together. More than happy to come over to your place and host an Essential Oil workshop for you!

When you consider signing up with a kit… The Home Essentials Kit is the most popular kit for sure! it comes with 10 bottles of the most-used oils + oil blends + a diffuser! Which you are gonna love!

You can check out all the enrollment kit options over here!

Rather pick some specific oils a’la’carte?

Also perfect if this works better for you than enrolling with a kit! You will miss out the discount on the kit and will have to pay the €25 enrollment fee, but than… you can just pick the specific oils that you want for the 25% off.

You can check out all the oils right here, so you can take a peek of everything you can choose from! (Europe pricing)

Once you have taken a look at what feels good for you please contact me so we can set you up and get the oils into your home + get me as your essential oil support!

If you can’t wait and want to join with a wholesale account and join Team Earth + get me as your personal oil support .. then follow the steps below so we can set you up!

  1. Go HERE

  2. Scroll down and click — JOIN DOTERRA

  3. Choose your language and region (for ex Europe) than click (The Netherlands if you are dutch)

  4. Choose ‘WHOLESALE COSTUMER’ and click Continue

  5. Fill in your all personal details

  6. When they ask you for your Enroller ID / Sponsor ID, fill in my personal number: 5529325

  7. Click to continue, and then choose your Enrollment Kit! (For example the Home Essentials Kit) OR if you wanna pick your oils A L A carte, choose the €25 Enrollment Fee + oils of choice (go to the #productname spacer and write down the name of the oil you would like to order)

  8. Choose your payment method ( IDEAL is not recommended since it doesn’t work well on the Doterra EU website. Creditcard OR bankwire is what I would recommend)

  9. You will receive an email with the confirmation of you order and personal password and ID number!

  10. I will contact you as soon as you’ve enrolled so we can get in touch and set you up with your precious oils.