I cant believe im at this point right now after working together for 3 months. Its beyond what i’d imagined. The gratitude inside me... all the feels. You are amazing
— I

What if you could feel EASY and  SOFT and CREATIVE around money and your business?

I get you, you followed your heart… your calling… your intuition and it led you to a beautiful path of self-discovery and perhaps starting your own.. Heartcentred Business.

 You have an amazing gift to offer to the world, you know it. What you give is magnificent. Yet. You feel a struggle in charging your clients, charging how much your services are worth, and receiving money for the beautiful gifts that you are offering to your audience.

You aren’t yet receiving what’s in line with the value and the energy that you give to your community – this results in you feeling tired… drained. And maybe even feeling like giving up on your business because you can’t make enough money in order for you to feel safe, grounded and able to give the best of your beautiful heart that you know lies underneath
lets move further on… because you are not ment to stay here. You are ment to be in the place you KNOW you can be. That’s where i come in.

Its time to shift your energy baby. Its time to drop into your self-worth.

Together we discover where you still hold old limiting stories and energetic blocks around feeling worthy and receptive regarding to money, and putting yourself and your business out into the world and expressing your true message. Its time to heal your beautiful heart and energy field baby and get the flow IN.

Its time to redefine what ‘hard work’ means for you. Its time to redefine what ‘success’ means for you.

And rather… Create this on your OWN terms.

During this program I will support you to connect to the soul of your business. Together we will take a deep dive into creating a relationship with the energy of your business. We will discover how you can communicate with your business on a deeper and more intimate level so you will create clarity on what your EXACT message is that you may put out into the world, create aligned offerings + prices for your clients and overall.. stand behind your business and message with full trust and confidence.

Its time to drop into the confidence and trust that you’ve got in in you to create a life on your own terms,

De intensive met Vere heb ik als magisch ervaren! Ik heb mooie inzichten opgedaan over mijn gift en woorden aan mijn gevoel kunnen geven. Ik erg gegroeid op het gebied van mijn money mindset. Ik heb ook haar ebook aangeschaft, aanrader! Ik zou iedereen een intensive met Vere gunnen!
— Annemiek - Coaching Counseling Utrecht

We attune to….

  • Drawing on the essence of what it means for YOU to be in a right relationship with money and your business that supports you

  • Connecting to the soul of your business, creating a relationship with the soul of your business 

  • Communicating with the soul of your business

  • Creating aligned offerings and prices for your offerings 

  • Learning to receive, circulate, and generate money in fresh ways

  • Shifting mindset-beliefs around abundance

  • Learn how to become receptive to abundance

  • Breakthrough your latest income levels

  • Self-worth regarding to the gifts you offer in this world

  • Connecting to your feminine wisdom that lies within your body

  • Learning how to optimize working with your female cylce so it works FOR you in your business not against you.

‘‘You are worthy or receiving abundance ‘‘

You are worthy of receiving for the work that you do. Because you matter. Your work matters. Your contribution matters and money is your ally in bringing your vision out into the world. Its your ally into expression your soulsblueprint and creating the life you are meant to live. 

This is for courageous, big-hearted, visionary woman just like you who want to contribute to a better world and desire to level up their heartcentred-business from the inside out. 

We will work for a minimum period of 3 months to integrate these shifts into your life, your body and your business. You have the option to work with me for 3 months or 6 months. Payment plans available.

Vere works with women all over the world, her sessions are available in dutch & english.

If you’ve worked with me before its also possible to book a single business deep dive for instant, and powerfull soul business mentoring right here

De coaching die ik laatst van Vere heb ontvangen was een... mega doorbraak!! Wat gaat ze diep tot de kern. Ze voelt zo goed aan wat je nodig hebt en geeft je tips en handvaten om weer verder te kunnen in je proces - ik ben haar mega dankbaar
— Kristi @whoisthatspiritjunkie - Lifecoach & speaker

Your business deep dive includes ..

  • 3 or 6 months private 1:1 high end coaching with Vere

  • Weekly coaching calls

  • Deep diving sessions combined with practical integration sessions to make sure you can integrate your shifts in your business and feel the results

  • a Personalized guided meditation after every deep dive session

  • notes & sessionrecordings

  • ungoing support through whatsapp

    Yes… you’ll even get my phone number here. I’m here for you now as your ever always support walking along side your transformation


This is for you if…

  • You want a deeper understanding connecting to the soul business, of how you can communicate to this energy, and create a deep relationship with her,

  • Its for you want to create a new moneystory for yourself that will not only impact your life but also that of your clients, family and those that you love. 

  • If you want to double or even triple your income with ease and flow

  • If you want to show up in your business with more confidence, trust and connection to your audience and the message that you share

  • You want to discover how to honor and work with your feminine cycles that lies within your body rather than against it.

Feeling the YES in creating a new flow in your business?

This program is for you if you’ve been feeling stuck for a while in your business or know that you are ready to deepen your relationship with your business. This is about healing and creating a new moneystory, letting go of limiting beliefs, transforming your energyfield and deepening your creativity, deepening your selfworth, deepening your confidence in speaking your truth and sharing your messages with your clients so they will HEAR you, find you and want to work with you. So that you can move from where you are to where you want to be.

Then lets get you moving.

This program is NOT for you if…

  • You aren’t willing to commit and schedule the time to consciously integrate these practises in your life

  • You are seeking advice, step by step plans and a one size fits all program on what you need to do to create more results - no honey… we don’t do one size fits all. This is deep intimate transformative work.

  • you aren’t not willing to do the inner work into diving deep within your old stories, pain and limiting beliefs around your self-worth that will transform your relationship with money

  • You aren’t willing to go beyond what feels comfortable for you


Client policies


If you desire to work with me please be aware of my client policies that I carefully set up to serve you, your business to its fullness. Everything I offer is non-refundable, Make sure we have a virtual cup of tea first before you make the decision to apply for any of my programs or single sessions. If you’ve worked with me before, know that my single sessions are non-refundable as well.

If you wish to make a cancellation, please be aware that this is only possbile 96h in advance (4days) the time of the sessions is being held for you privately.
Session days and times are tuesdays & thursdays morning & afternoon, wednesday and friday mornings, european central time.

For any questions please email me at hello@verevermeulen.com - all the love, see you soon! Vere