3 things I do each day to connect to the soul of my business

3 things I do each day to connect to the soul of my business

  1. Every morning I do a specific grounding practise that helps me to connect to my body, the earth, feel held, safe, and supported. I cleanse my energy field, removing any energy that I feel isn’t mine. I come back to my center, my heart and my soul. It feels fresh, clean and really replenishing.

  2. I sit with the energy of my businesses. I tune into them and feel them as if they are standing in front of me. I connect with them and basically ask them questions like: How do you want to come forth? What may be expressed through you? Whats needed?

  3. I tune into how I’m particullary feeling that day, and checking in what day on my cycle i’m on. Am I energized? Do I need some extra rest & spaciousness today? I ask how can I serve my business & serve myself and my body today? How can I leverage my energy, stamina and mood and use that in the best way possible to serve? 

  4. I always make sure I either move my body or spend some time in nature to release any stuck energy, let lifeforce move through me and clear out my mind, making space for fresh energy to move through me freely + I drink lots of water with pinkpepper essential oil.

    Sometimes I get the clear answers I need to turn inwards, take off social media off my phone, sit in silence, and CREATE: words, content, video’s, visionboards, write down ideas and map out a vision. Sometimes I hear loud and clear: rise and shine woman, its the day to be up and going, seeing your clients, connect, be outwards, and get the message OUT into the world, sidenote: this happens espesh in the spring & summer weeks of my cycle (hello.. hormone peaks!) 

Doing all of this… each day… allows me to move with the natural rhytyms of life and my body and use these intuitive nudges to work for me in my businessess and not against me. The process… is magical.

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