Here's to your YOU and your questions

May your sunday be filled with filling up your inner WELL 🙏🏼 honoring whats working in your life, honoring the abundance that circulates in your life, honoring your possibilities, honoring y-o-u.

If you desire more money in your life, start by appreciating whats circulating already. (Tip from me, create heartshaped €bills and whisper some appreciation towards it. Also very fun to pay with ;))

If you desire more connection in your relationships, start by connecting deeper to the relationship with yourself.

If you seek more freedom, start by noticing the freedom thats already here in your life and finding out where you can create some more

If you want to experience more love start by being in the space/energy of love for life yourself

If you desire to grow your business start by taking a babystep today that will do so

If you desire to live in complete harmony with your soul, start today by asking yourself what may fall away thats no longer in alignment for you.

Here’s to you. And all your expansion. All your potential. Your healing and your growth.
Here’s to you. Finding out what matters. And what doesnt.
Here’s to you. Opening up. To all your hearts desires.
Here’s to you. To break apart in a 1000 pieces if you have to. Knowing that all that needs to fall away is supposed to fall away. 
Here’s to you to grab all your pieces together and start creating the puzzle that you’ve always been called to create. From scratch.
Here’s to you to find the space for you to be with you. You. The deepest parts of you. The parts of you that long to be set free.
Long to break. From the status qua and all you thought to have together.
Here’s to you to mirror back what your soul is asking for.
Even if that means breaking apart in two.
Its when the cracks occur that the light flows in.

Here’s to you.

Winter is arriving and its normal if you’ve been questioning a lot in your life, its normal if you feel like you’ve been shedding parts that are no longer working in your life, the end of the year asks us to question ourself what may stay and what may go.
What do you long for to emerge in your life?
What do you long to let go of?
What do you long to invite more off?
What do you long to heal?
What do you long to create?
What do you long for?

Let me guide you along the way creating crystal clear vision on where you want to go in the new year and what you are here to let go of. 
Im here to stand by your side in this yourney. Creating space for what needs to emerge in your life in your personal Soul Reading. 
You. Me. And your vision. 
You know where to find me.
Gift yourself the space. 
This seasons.
To invite IN what you’ve been longing for.

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