What is freedom for you?

Yesterdaymorning I co-hosted a call to the women in our Essential oil team speaking about time and financial freedom, about what this means to them, what feelings do these words bring up, and what if… what if…? Can you give yourself permission to stop drop and let these questions sink in?

I know I asked myself these questions this time a year, now almost 12 months ago. And boy did it change the direction of my life. Thanks to that question.

Now I’m sitting here, taking a first sip of my chai morning tea while I’m stirring into my oatmeal. I sat down, and grabbed my journal.
Day 1 of my cycle. My cycle that I now so so cherish and I wrote down: I have all my freedom. It's here. Right in front of me. And still I miss the point some times.

I make all my decisions on one big value, which is my freedom, freedom in liberating myself from old ways of thinking. And yet, I sat there with a womb full of wisdom, an intuition so clear, a body so smart and a feeling a guilt. Feeling a guilt for taking a ‘day’ off, when my body is asking for it the most. My body that I healed from her long lost cycle. That returned back to fertility. Because that is what it is: a place from where we can create, and let lifeforce flow.

As I took a deep breath and wrote: What a blessing that I asked myself this question. My life may look pretty messy from the outside, and yes sometimes too on the inside.
But oh honey where would I be if I didn’t vow to my soul to answer my highest good. If I didn’t vow to my quest for inner freedom, inner bliss, and sovereignty. 
This, this tribe, the essential oils, the soul empowermentcircle, it all wouldn't be here in the first place.

So today. I vow yet and yet again to stay true to my core values. To my body and her needs. To my deep passion for ‘freedom’ in her bigger senses. My passion for serving you. Setting – yourself – free.

From things and burdens that aren’t even yours to carry.
Setting yourself free so you can serve others in freeing. 
Freedom for me isn’t so much being able to work on my laptop from basically every wifi point in the world, or being able to go and do wherever I wanna go, circulate money to where I want it go. Because I know from my own experiences, we can have all the financial freedom, time freedom and place freedom in the world and yet feel trapped in our thoughts, are body or our circumstances. 
Freeing yourself to me, is: taking energetic ownership of your decisions. Your lifeline. Your values. Your body. Your minutes in a day. 
Freeing yourself is liberating. 
an ever on going journey, to new layers every single time. The joy of freeing never ends. 
So I vow to myself to stay in my line. Always return and breath back to the essence of this path. The essence of freeing. And make all my decisions based on this sense.

I look back at our team call yesterday with ultimate gratitude. Being able to open up a path for others to free themselves. From circumstances, limiting thoughts and financial struggles. To be able to inspire them to make choices based on their own values, their own desires and their own lifeline.

The creation of your everyday is in the palm of your hands and centred right between your eyebrows. Close your soft sweet eyes, take a deep slow breath and give yourself permission to ask yourself what this creation would look like for you?

Today I’m going to rest. Honour my moon. Honour my body. Honour my choices. Honour my blessings. Express my gratitude. And the freedom that I created in my life.

May you do the same. 

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