discovering the creationpower of your female cycle

When I talk about creation, things can go pretty fast if you are moving in sync with your inner cycle. As an example, last month just before my moon dropped I got the idea and insight on creating my latest meditation ‘Connecting to the soul of your business’ I got the download whilst sitting in meditation, I saw the exactly who it was for and how I could offer this gift to all of you. Yet, my body felt slow and tender and still needed rest, no time for creating.

Yet, a week later when my spring energies arrived I jumped into it, moving with my increasing energy within my body I recorded the meditation and used my straight thinking feels to edit it, put in in my shop, and create the content around it. A week later… in my summer energy… peak of my cycle I knew it was time to launch this meditation into the world. And not even a few weeks after I got the insight on creating this offering you, people… are having the audio recording on your phone to tune into. 

Isn’t that amazing?

Now, my autumn energies arrived. My hormones have dropped, i’m feeling slower, im dropping more into the emotional body, my logical thinking of a week ago is drifting away and i find myself daydreaming, needing more space and going over everything that needs adjustment and change within the being of my business.

Just like leaves are falling in autumn, so am I looking now at: What may go? What needs to change in order to serve best? What is still working and what is not? What are aligned offers for me that serve you and myself and the world for the best? 

In a week i’ll be probably sitting in my winter again, hidden from the world for a few days, retreating, replenishing, letting myself rest and renew. Giving myself space for new insights, intuition and ideas to drop into my being whilst my nervous system is relaxed and slow. 

The cycle is full again.

this is the perfect beautiful example of what its like to flow with your cycle. To swim with your own natural rhythms of your body. We can actually use our changing hormones & energy levels to work FOR us in our businesses and what we want to bring into the world rather than fight against it. 

To me, my cycle has become my inner roadmap.

Due to charting & journalling about my cycle i’ve came to know my own body so well and her weekly changing energies: physical, emotional, spiritual that I can now use this as an ally to create magic in my life and within my business.

To me its the ultimate form of doing business whilst leading from the feminine.

Lets just pls let go of the idea that you have to stick to the same routines & structures and morning routines and inspiration every week. 

You don’t have to. You’re cyclic. 

Let this cycle work for you. Let her be your guide. Let her reveal how she can support you in bringing your life’s work into the world.

She’s here to carry you through. And trust me, she’s pretty golden magic. 

If you wanna discover more how you can work with your cycle within your business, let’s connect and find out how we can elevate your life and business for you as well. I’ll be here for a virtual cup of tea.

You can book a free moment in my calender right here. Can’t wait to connect with you.

Love, Vere

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