Thinking you have to work REALLY hard to earn good money?

I was asked yesterday what the main moneyblocks are that I see come up for women? 

Here's my awnser, number 1 ;)...

The idea we have to work  really ‘hard’ to be worthy of receiving money & creating successes for ourselves.

We often sabotage ourselves in our successes by making things MORE difficult than they have to be.

‘’IT can’t be this EASY right?’’

( All my video's on breaking through and healing your moneyblocks can be found right here!) 

We are raised in a masculine energy driven society that focuses on achievement, climbing the ladder, and often have the idea we have to work REALLY HARD to be deserving of this. 

As if we have to justify our successes?

We say where busy all the time, but actually often create this busyness ourselves.

What does busy even mean? Is having a full agenda being busy?

To me - being busy is more a feeling that we talk ourselves into.

Having a full agenda doesn't mean you have to feel busy. It can feel actually spacious, lush and full of enjoyment! 

I thrive on having a full agenda. (Can't wait to see you name pop up in my agenda to see how we can move you through your blocks as well) 

Knowing that have the priviledge to work in my zone of genious - guiding women to breakthrough limiting beliefs and transform their energyfields so they can awnser the full callings of their soul and create more soulfull money flow in their businesses.

What a freaking priviledge! 

For such a long time i sabotaged myself with this belief too - I thought I had to work hard. It was what I always heard during my childhood! Work hard! 

So went things felt too easy? I would sabotage myself BIG TIME. I would come up with 10 different new ideas making things more difficult for myself, i would try to come up with a groupprogram, edit my website all evening, create difficult structures in my business and pushing myself to ‘get out of my comfort zone’ . Resulting in me feeling tired, comapring myself and thinking i was doing something wrong. but F. Getting out of my comfort zone to me is now such a different things.

Getting out of my comfort zone now is not justifying myself anymore for the work that I do.

For what I earn with it.

For being a young woman having this beautiful thriving heartcentred business.

For being able to provide so many souls with guidence and opportunities.

Hard work to me now = heart work.

Hard work to me now = fullfilling. Hard work doesnt have to equal overwhelm and making 16h workdays to get your ideas of the ground.

Best piece of advice? Follow the way of least resistance. Just as A.Hicks would say. LEAST resistance. Do what comes naturally to you and become a bloody expert in it. And yes! We can find YOUR path of least resistance together right here! 

YES - having a business can feel so delighted, lets take away the idea that business is something you have to wear suits and tie’s for and work REALLY hard for. It doenst have to be 'that way'. Lets create success on your terms and get that soullfull moneyflow going from within. 

You are worthy of receiving. Right here. Right now.

Choose the path of least resistance.

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