#24 Caroline De Jong on Living life in Alignment with your Soul

Here we are accessing a new layer of the Soul Empowerment Podcast as we walk into 2019..

On this very first episode of the New Year i'm having my dear friend Caroline De Jong on the podcast. 

I first met Caroline over a year ago when she has been one of my best friends ever since. 
Caroline is a courageous inspiration, dōTERRA Essential Oils leader, who's lighting up the world with her inspiration on living life more from the soul, connected to your purpose and sharing her love for essential oils. 

In this particular episode I interview Caroline on how she followed her intuition which led her to a move to Sweden in just a couple of weeks, packing up her business and life to follow what lights her up.
Caroline shares about her own story of leaving her corporate job, healing from burnout and deciding to live a life aligned with her purpose, full of fullfillment and vitality.  

Personally all these themes are hot on the heart of both of us at the moment and we have a guess they might be valuable for you to.  

Caroline and I share our perspectives on:

* Living life guided by your intuition

* Acting on the whispers of your soul

* Choosing to live in a different country just because it feels good

* How to connect to and find your inner peace

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