These are the days,
When I jump out of bed for the day ahead
These are the days when there are no kinks in my hose.
These are the days where I dance my way to the shower.

These are the days where I seem to fly in higher galaxies, create epic shit, have an awesome spinning workout in the middle of the day, make the best random organic meals.
Write text to my family, my besties and and sisters telling them how much I love em’ how much I appreciate them in my life, and how much gratitude i feel. 
The days where I even seem to ran outside to go for a long long walk in the sun. 
The days where I see beauty in everything.
Where ideas seem to pop up out of nowhere.

The days where I ask, can it get even better? And Yes more better comes. 
To the point that tears roll down my face laughing with my bestie on the phone till my belly hurts. 
The days where I jump around like some kind of unicorn. 
These are The days where I write, journal, burst with love, and come up with the best amazing crazy ideas.
The kind of ideas that make you say, Holy F* did I came up with this? 

These are the days
Where I burst with love
These are the days
That I call ‘ tappend in to source’.
That I call radical alignment.
The days where I seem to drink unicorn water from a magic tap.
A tap connected to an unkinked hose.

Cause when my hose is unkinked
The unicorn Water flows like the freaking niagra falls.
All that matters is my unkinking, all that matters is my vibration, Cause when its flowing....... more water and more water flows. Lemme tell you a secret: its the flow of neverending divine intellegence and love. It’s source. 
And its here. For you. For me. For all. You are source. 
These are my everydays.

What can you do to unkink your hose?

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