Crack Open - Wide

A note for you. And a note for me.

If you have an entrepeneurial mind like me you’ll probably relate.

I want to tell you.

It’s okay to ….

It’s okay to cry.

It’s okay to feel so overwhelmed that tears appear out of nowhere, cuddle up in a corner while listening to the silent words of your heart.

The silent words from your heart that bring you on this path of creating Magical business, Magical Lives, Magical moments.

All from the inside out.

All from  how I like to call it….. ‘The New Way’’

The way that asks us to stand up, be our only true authentic selfs and create change.

These are the tears that scream how the F* am i gonna do this.

Tears that fight with my inner critic.

That nasty mean girl on my shoulder that tells me i can do better, that says things like: ‘who in the whole freaking universe wants to listen to me’, ‘who will ever ever buy my future book’ ‘who will ever ever... ‘’ ‘was this really a good idea…?’’

Well you know all the BLA BLA BLA.  All the BLA BLA BLa that keeps you from actually putting yourself out there.

It’s that inner mean girl and the thing inside of me that wants to take care of everyone, everything and the entire goddamn planet. And well. It’s not my job to save the world.

It’s not my job to please everyone.

It’s not my job to serve everyone.

Not everyone will like what I have to say and that is okay. Not everyone will be able to hear my message. And that is O-K-A-Y.

It’s my job to serve you.  YOU. Yes, you reading this words on your iphone of whatever device you may use to read this right now. It’s you.

The one that reads these words and thinks, ‘’yea girl i can so relate’’.

It’s my job to inspire y-o-u.

To open – wide. From your head to your toes.

To create from the new way.

To create from your inside out.

To be your most authentic self.

To conquer that goddamn mean girl.

To see her but not listen to her.

To let the tears flow when they come and truely allow them to flow.

To let fear pass by but not rule you.

To let yourself feel your f*king amazing. That your ideas you have for your business and, or life are hear to be heard, seen and brought to life.

From the inside out. From a place of autenticity. From a place of creativity.  A place of trust. A place of true love.

You’re here to spread your message. Here to shine your light.

Let nothing but really nothing dim your goddamn light.

#itsokay #openwide #thenewway

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