Bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be


Hi sweet souls,

From my heart to yours.. how is the end of your 2018 going? Are you living your visions yet? Are you in touch with your soul and trusting the way she's guiding you?
I'll tell what have been happening in my life! when we devote ourself to living and creating our lifes from the soul, she can shake up some crazy things for you!
This led me to saying goodbye to my appartment in The Hague, letting go of a 'physical home' and trusting the inner voice of my soul that told me..  to finally lean in towards my dreams of living 'location-independed' and that 2019 will be the year of --> me+travelling+mylaptop+mysoul+and you along the way. Hello travels to Glastonburry, Oregon, and the rocky's! 

If you've been reflecting on your past months and you feel like old stuff needs to fall away and you've been feeling a bit 'icky' in where you are right now in the process of walking towards your dreams.. I get you! Bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be, can be a hell of a foggy journey. But i've got an awnser for that.  The only reason why you want to be 'there' is because you think you will feel better when you 'have' it! 

Bridging the gap can be a scary thing to do, and you might find yourself now feeling a bit frustrated and irritated that things aren't exactly going the way you would like it to? Maybe you've been feeling stuck in your old job while you KNOW you've got an entire universe inside of you and a business idea is tapping on your shoulder waiting for you to lean in.
Maybe you've been out of the flow with the universe and you aren't attracting in the money, the clients, or the business oppertunities that you desire? Maybe you feel like old relationships that once felt good, don't feel like this anymore and it's time to choose for you? 

i've been here. All of it. I've felt too damn sccared to act on business idea's when they tapped on my shoulder. I've been lost in HOW I had to bridge the gaps. I've felt out of flow with the universe. I've had to work through moneyblocks. I've had to let go of attachments in order to make space for the new. I've had to jump into the unknown in order to get where I am today. 
I know your fears. I know your frustration. I know how draining and frustrating it can be when you just can't find the clarity on HOW to move forward towards the life that you so desire. 

I want nothing more for you than that you get back in flow with the universe, unstuck, get in touch with the callings of your soul and get open and receptive to receiving many miracles into your life!
I want you to flow into 2019 feeling fresh, uplifted, and focused and clear on where you want to go and where you want to be.
I want you to feel excitement and trust running through your veins so that you will feel confident as hell to to take inspired action towards your dreams.

You don't have to do this alone. I know exactly what you may go through. I've been you. 
If you are not familiar yet with the work that I do, this is what I do every single day! I help you to co-create the life and the business that's aligned with your true authentic self, your heart and your biggest dreams.

I live, speak, and breathe: abundance, joy, flow, and prosperity! 

If you are craving more clarity, confidence and cashflow in your life and if you own one, your business. 
And you are SICK of living the same year over and over again while you KNOW you are ment for something so much bigger and need a change? 

You first honey. 

Its time to put you first. It's time for you to get confident, clear, calm, abundant and successfull. 
Its time to get you moving in the direction towards your highest dreams, in a way that feels grounded, calm, safe, yet empowering. 
its time to choose for you, level up your confidence, your worthyness, your alignment and the reflection on your bankaccount. 
Its time to release yourself from the old patterns that are holding you back from living your true purpose.
Its time for you to get focused and clear on WHY and WHAT you are here to bring into the world and walk with directions towards your dreams. 

And I am here to help you just do that. 

If you are ready, to flow into 2019 as YOUR year ...
The year where you gain clarity, confidence, prosperity and joy, the year where you breakthrough anything that's holding you back from living your dreams?

Then let's work together! 

Book your free discovery session with me today so we can see how you can truly make your dreams a reality now by shifting your inner frequency. 

In the mean time, let this be an invitation to join the Soul Empowerment Circle FB group where I check in daily to help you raise your vibration and get you in aligment with you soul. 

Let this year be your year to do things differently.
Let this year be your year to bridge the gaps between where you are and where you want to be.
Let this be your year of abundance, prosperity, joy and the realization of your wildest dreams. 

With love,
X Vere 

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