The key to your heartcentred business

What if we dropped the idea that in order to achieve succes and grow our business we have to take outward action only,
And stop, drop and take a break from figuring out your next marketing funnel, or advertising campaign in order for your growth to occur. 
But rather take the time and moment to go IN.
Go IN.
And find the stillness and devotion to connect to the soul of your business.
Connect to the entity that he or she is.
Are you connected to what he/ she is asking? 
What nurtering does the soul of your business ask for? 
Can you sit and look at the difcomfort of facing your energetic leaks, the little spots where the connection between you and your entity is missing.
What does he/she needs to blossom?
What parts are missing or need attention?
Is your relationship to your business in full awe and glory, can you sink into her depths and her message and connect that to your WHY?
Cause that oh boy, is where the magic occurs. 
Im asking myself this morning, yet again these questions.
Asking myself how I can connect deeper to the core and the soul of my business?
So i can be the space holder for her to thrive, and grow, and blossom.
Cause that’s what she deserves.
Let this be an invite to ask yourself these questions.
Ask yourself if you are completely energetically aligned with the core of your biz.
This is where the magic is born.
Where the heartcentred business thats in your vision, your palms, your laptop will thrive from. 
I’m working on this now with some incredible women in my soul diving transformation days, and its thrilling to see them connect to the entity of their business, see them connect to their why, the soul of what they serve. 
See them rise in glory,
And create in connection
From within.
This is what the heartcentred business is all about.

If there is anything in you right now, that feels called to take a deep dive in the finding clarity on how to evolve your heartcentred business, find your way to me, and lets birth the magic together.

X, V

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