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Hi my friend,

Thanks for stopping by here, I am already gratefull you found your way up here. Let this be an invitation for you to lean back, fill up your soul and be inspired to live from the depths of your heart, creating a life that you where ment to live.  

I wanna see you thrive.

I wanna see you heal.

I wanna see you rise, explore what is possible in life, go beyond what you’ve known so far. Rebel a bit, against old thoughts and systems that no longer seem to work for you, stay true to your own path and follow what lights the spark of your inner bliss.

I’m not your average business coach. I won’t give you a step by step plan. Rather I will sit with you. Belly to belly. Heart to heart. Connecting to whatever is rising within you at the moment. Reflecting you back a mirror to the things you aren’t able to see in order for you to rise.

Rise in your brilliance, your radiance, your healing, your stories. Especially the one you are playing around around money. I’m here to giggle with you, and be drop death serious with you, holding space for your healing, your rewriting of old thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving you in creating the abundance you where ment to create.

This is the place for you if you are open to be fully recognized on who you are and if you’re ready to rewrite your future.

I enjoy bathing in the unknown, i’m rarely truly satisfied, thanks to my big hunger for growth, and the expansion of the self. I also enjoy the giggles, snuggling up on the couch with essential oils in my diffuser, poems, writing, and a good cup of coffee and a glass or red. and so do I enjoy guiding people like YOU in connecting to their full potential, rewrite their old stories and create a new heartfullfilling future for themselves.
I admire your quest for healing and rewriting a new future for yourself. Babe, you are at the start of a hell of a journey.

Nothing fullfills me more than seeing you heal, and rise.

Cause how bright could you allow your future to be if you gave yourself permission to think about it?

During the many years of walking my souls journey I kept on hiding my light, hiding my gifts and I was tamed by the voice of my inner critic. Afraid of not being good enough, who did I think I was, I would never be succesfull, I would never be wealthy, never ever good enough. You name it... it kept on going, screaming out loud.

Deep inside I knew there was another way ‘round. So I took quit a leap and awnsered the callings of my soul. And yes, this has been a proces of years. Working through and facing my fears. If there is one thing that I learned during the many years of healing and rewriting the story of my life is that you always have a choice. Always a choice to choose a new story.

Whether thats your money story, the way you look at your health, the way you talk to yourself. We all have our stories.

I sure had big stories about what success was supposed to look like, let me not even begin about my moneystory. It wasnt until I became a lifecoach that I had to face my moneystory, It was up till then that I realized….. something didn’t feel right. Why did I felt unworthy? Not good enough?

The callings of my soul: helping others on their souls path and my own much needed healing after a period of burn-out led me to a deep path inwards, a path of self discovery, growth, heart healing, travelling, many hours of journelling, yoga and meditation, and +6 years of studying the Law Of Attraction. 

I witnessed for myself what magic can happen in your life if you awnsers the whispers of your soul, and most of all your life with your true values and take the kind of action as if your life depended on it. Because basically it does.


'Your only job is to be the lighthouse itself'

When I started to follow the principles of the universal laws and apply these into my life magic started to happen, I started to attract people, circumstances and ideas into my life. I started to truly belief in myself, because if other people could create magic succes for themselves.. why couldn't I?

After being cracked open and falling into pieces I opened up to my soulsuccess, expanded my mindset and devoted myself to my spiritual path and the calling of my soul.

This got me where I am today. Waking up everyday with more energy than I ever knew was possible for a human being, leading a thriving business, a level of happiness that fills up my soul.

If i can break out of the cycle so can YOU.

Let this be an invitation to meet. To let me guide you along your path. Book your free 20 min discovery chat with me and let our adventure begin here together.

With love..



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Go on… its your time and your are ready for the next step. Nothing to lose, only to win