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I’m Vere - here to help you bend through limits and turn them into possibilites, bring your visions to life
& help you to create aligned moneyflow

A few years ago when I started working as a yogateacher, transforming from online health coaching towards yogateaching and starting my own soulcentred business I soon realised that…. I couldn’t sustain making a live by doing it like this, biking all around the city and earning €30 an hours teaching full house classes whilst running on empty and resting at home with a hip injury of hours of teaching.

First years of working for myself where… difficult. And men i got up in my head! Thinking I needed a new marketingcampaing, new programs, new funnels… I was seeking things outside of myself. And then boom it hit me… it’s the inner work where I was missing the point! So I decided to shift. There must be another way i thougt… so i putted everything together that I learned from years of studying yoga, energetics, mindset and beliefsystems and create a different way that WOULD actually sustain my lifestyle and give me the same feelings of joy.

So I took a deep dive within discovering all of my own limitations that I still held within my body and energy around creating the life I truly desired.

I soon realised that my utter joy lied in helping beautiful courageous entrepeneurial women like you break through any limiting beliefs that hold them back from expanding in their next level of business and moneyflow.

I’m not your average business coach. I won’t give you a step by step plan. Rather I will sit with you. Belly to belly. Heart to heart. Connecting to whatever is rising within you at the moment. Reflecting you back a mirror to the things you aren’t able to see in order for you to rise.

It has become my souls mission to guide women like you in breaking through any limiting beliefs & shift your energyfield in order to move into the wealth and the soul fulfilling life you desire

I combine the inner work with the outer work. The energetics with the practical.

This is where the ‘click’ comes in. This is the reason WHY when you start to align your body, energy field and your brain true change will start to occur in your life and the way you lead and run your heart centred business. Things will shift. Coincidence..? nope. What I see is that many coaches either do the inner work of the outer work, here’s the difference, when we work together.. we work on both. Aha.. click!

The moment when you start doing this work… You’ll see the shift.

You’ll start to suddenly feel more ‘flow’ in your sharings.. your writings.. your creations..

You’ll start to attract new clients

People who admire your offerings

You will feel your worth
And your clients will actually pay… you abundantly for the transformation you have to offer them.

Nothing fullfills me more than seeing you heal, and rise.

Cause how bright could you allow your future to be if you gave yourself permission to think about it?


I believe that ‘business’ can be soft.. gentle… flowing and seen from a different perspective

Im not interested in letting your feel ‘youre not there yet’ .. instead i’m interested in bringing you back to your own inner wisdom and force of creation

What i’m rather interested in is looking at our limiting stories? Where are we holding back? Where do we limit ourselves in creating the life we truly desire? I’m interested in leading from the feminine with soft, yet fierce, creative, feminine energy that you can bring into your work and offerings.

Yes, business and money can be gentle, warm, feel like FLOW - hard work and hustle mentality? They don’t go in my dictionary. I’m here to show you that by accessing your inner guidence system, and transforming your old limitations and ways of being YOU hold the key to your future… your thriving business and a new moneystory.

Let yourself be inspired by my sharings and if you feel called to have a virtual tea? I’m here for you. Love, Vere

Vere is an intuitive soulgrowth and business mentor working from the heartspace with deep reverence to her clients. She is interested in showing a different way of business and money and leading from the feminine.

She is specialized in healing & transforming your relationship with money and connecting your to the soul of your business

Vere finds the balance between the intuitive and the practical. Her teachings and mentoring programs provide a sacred container where transformation can happen and true change can occur in your life.

Combining her knowledge of the energetic body, quantum physics, meditationguidence and her intuitive gifts she hold a safe and grounded space, attuning her coachingsessions to whatever is present at the moment.

She’s been studying intuition and empowered living for many years being mentored by Tara Bliss, Rebecca Campbell, Shiva Rea, Jeff Foster, and many more. By doing so she collected a toolkit of various teachings and practises, like Prana Vinyasa Yoga, Kundalini, breathwork, energetic healing and business training, moneymindset work and quantum physics that she applies in her programs.  

Vere believes that true changes happen from within, and that the inner work is just as important as the outer work.


lets have a virtual tea and connect.. I’ll be boiling the kettle…